I am a confident self shooter and editor, able to work to tight deadlines and turnaround times.
Having got my start as a Video Journalist (I never appeared on camera thankfully!), my skill set, experience and confidence improved greatly.
Working with experienced talent and inexperienced contributors is second nature and doing what I can to make them feel comfortable and get the best out of them is part of my daily working life, as well as finding the story and changing direction if necessary.

I have experience in multi-cam OB's, both live and pre-rec'd, with the vast majority being live.
Programme types include sporting events, magazine, entertainment and live music. 
Extensive Live and pre-rec'd studio experience, in both floor managing and camera operating, including tripod, handheld and pedestal cameras. 

To date, I have created hundreds of broadcast quality VT's, ranging from 2-7 minutes.
I have also been live studiocam and live OB camera for thousands of hours of live television.